• Felling


    Tree felling is defined as the entire removal of a tree to leave a stump at a specified height. Tree felling will be carried out in such a way as to not endanger persons or property.

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  • Pruning


    Pruning is defined as the removal of living or dead parts of a tree. Such parts may be soft growth (epicormic or sucker growth), twigs, branches, limbs, parts of the tree trunk or parts of the root system.

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  • Crown Lifting

    Crown Lifting

    Crown lifting is defined as removal of branches that extend below a specified height. Statutory heights are defined as 2.5m over footpaths and 5.0m over highways.

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  • Crown Reduction

    Crown Reduction

    Crown reduction is defined as reduction of the overall size of the complete outline dimension of the canopy, from the tips of the branches/limbs towards the main trunk.

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  • Dead Wooding

    Dead Wooding

    Crown cleaning I the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches. This includes the removal of broken branches or stubs left from previous tree surgery operations and the removal of all unwanted objects.

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  • Pollarding


    Pollarding is beheading a maiden tree by removing the leader or stem and then subsequently cutting on a regular basis (re-pollarding) back to the same point (pollard Head).

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  • Formative Pruning

    Formative Pruning

    Formative pruning is defined as the pruning of a tree in its youth to result in an appearance considered typical for the species or variety of tree concerned.

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  • Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding

    The removal of tree stumps to a specified depth using a power tool or equipment attachment that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood.

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  • High Tree maintenance

    High Tree maintenance

    Appropriate tree management is needed, particularly in an urban area to ensure that trees are properly cared for through the various stages of their growth and development.

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  • Utility Works

    Utility Works

    Euro Tree Service have been undertaking tree clearance works below pelerines for over 20 Years. All our staff are qualified and have a clear understanding of the dangers involved.

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  • Site Clearance

    Site Clearance

    We can manage and undertakes site effectively and safely, removing entire trees of any diameter.

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  • Routine Maintenance

    Routine Maintenance

    Routine Maintenance to tree and shrubs should be undertaken annually however financial restraints do not always allow this to happen.

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  • Control of Japanese Knotweed

    Control of Japanese Knotweed

    Japanese Knotweed is a highly invasive plant and is recognised as the most invasive species of plant in Britain today. Japanese Knotweed originates from Asia and is a member of the Buckwheat family.

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  • Woodland management plans

    Woodland management plans

    Left to its own devices, a wood will continue to evolve and mature but the result may not always be for the best, either in terms of potential timber production.

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  • Maintenance programs

    Maintenance programs

    Eurotree Service can help to develop specific maintenance programmes for individual woodlands and the management objectives.

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A Summary About Us

We provide a tree management and contracting services to the commercial and domestic market. Clients include organisations such as local authorities, utility companies, housing associations, colleges and schools. Increasingly we work on the basis of developing long-term partnerships with our clients.

The company was formed in 1980 and in 1990 was awarded the status of approved contractor with the Arboricultural Association, recognising that Euro Tree Service Ltd has developed and achieved a quality standard within the arboricultural industry.

Who We Work For?

  • National Utility Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Housing Associations
  • Hospitals
  • Construction companies
  • Property companies
  • Land management companies
  • Large estates
  • National conservation organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Private individuals
  • Insurance Consultants
  • Airports
  • Network Rail
  • British Waterways
Complimentary Services
  • Euro Tree Woodfuel Ltd
  • Quality Systems and Business Consultancy Ltd
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